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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Best PR - Sin Kheng Aun, Hainanese Cuisine

Food Rating               :     4 stars

Ambience                 :    5 stars

Value For Money      :     3 stars

Kopi O Rating           :     Don't drink Kopi O, drink Soup

Lunch and Early Dinner

Address and Phone - Please refer to last photo on this page

This is THE MAN.  If you think you need to go to school to learn PR, after meeting this man, you will surely change your mind.
Have you ever visited an outlet where you keep frequenting because of the owner ?
This is the place.
The owner 'Ah Hong' will recognize every single one of his patrons by name and occupation.
He knows who he can joke with and who he can't.
He handles each customers on the customer's personality and temperament.
He is witty and fast and efficient and best part is he is humorous.  He is also caring.
He even sends a bouquet of flowers to his regular, faithful customers during their wake...
Can you beat that?
Ok, let us talk about the food then ...

My family has been to this place for 4 generations now and still going.  Ah Hong knows the whole family and everyone's occupation.
Above is the Hainanese chicken chop - must order
Only this place can cook it this way

This is the pork with pork liver in dark soya sauce
Also must order, you can only find the authentic taste here

You have a choice for soups
Salted Veg with Duck Soup
Taufu and Salted Fish Soup and Pig's Stomach

Seaweed Soup not that nice though
Stick to the two in bold, you can't go wrong, owner more than happy to add soup for you

Ambience here scores a 5!!!
If you are a person who wants to see the heritage part of Penang make sure you visit this place
This is  Dumb Waiter
Sends food up to the 2nd floor

The chefs are also heritage age
Don't be fooled though, they are super efficient
Best part is even when there are loads of customers outside, the kitchen runs smoothly, no one raising their voices, everyone knows what to do

Heritage ambience, heritage chefs, heritage customers :-)
Everything heritage

Large selection of dishes here
Frequently order includes the fish curry - sauce is nice, fish a little expensive, kerabu chicken leg, salted fish  with pork, fried fu yoong egg, hainanese fried noodle ... etc

Foodie's Choice :
Salted Fish with Pig's Stomach Soup (unlimited refill of soup)
Chicken Chop
Pork slices with thick soya sauce

After your heritage lunch, don't forget to take a walk along Chulia Street and visit some heritage hotels.
If you are a tourist, this is a place worth your time dropping by.
If you are a local, you can get free PR tips while having your meal :-)
Have fun !

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