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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Eat here if you wanna be a Sucker

Another post to fill up the NO GO ! list ...

During this festive season, you must NOT go to places that treat customers like suckers.
This is one of them.

The hawker place by the roadside between Jalan Mount Erskine and Lengkok Halia.
This is a brunch cum lunch venue.

This place used to be good, unfortunately due to the swarms of KL TAR college students this place has become popular.

Some tips on how you could be 'conned' here ...
  1. The Drinks Stall - tells you there is no lime juice - offers to serve you lemon juice, and conveniently adds a sour plum in it then charges you RM2.50!  Ice kacang here if you don't mention anything - comes with the ice cream, again charge charge charge ...
  2. Old ladies selling Laksa - 1st impression poor old ladies, so old still selling laksa, order 2 small bowl, comes 2 large bowls, sorry already prepared err... did you say you wanted small, yes auntie I mentioned 3 times, already made, expensive, so-so taste ... no please don't make the same mistake as me, pitiful old ladies, maybe not :-) Big bowl - eat it at 1pm, by 3.30 I am hungry ...
  3. Economy Rice - not so economical, don't believe, try it ... one of the most expensive ones I have ever eaten
  4. Sweet tooth - go for the desserts there, careful this lady is not so friendly
  5. Look into the drain nearby - totally lose your appetite

Lots of variety here, used to frequent this place regularly, sorry changed my mind.
Absolutely over priced with rude people, feels like a war zone eating here...

Some good write ups of this place if you want to visit ...
Po Pia and Pasembur here quite nice
Only thing good about this place is the Fresh Fruit Stall - reasonable

By the way, if you are a person who loves sarcastic remarks and criticism, this is a blog you could visit, I bumped into it and thought this person is rather interesting ...

Happy Reading :-)

don't be a hawker sucker !

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Best Roast Pork In Town - Turkey Time of Roast Pork Time

5 star Rating Roast Pork !
Words can not describe this, you need to experience it !
Portion for Foodie @ RM 8.00 you get to have the best treat in the world, if you are a pork lover 
Roast pork sold in the market.
No place for you to sit.
Best is to buy whatever you feel you can finish and eat it immediately when you get home. Goes very well with beer or Chinese tea or red wine, whichever your preference.
Tastes delicious with mustard.
Mixture of char siu and siu bak
Crispy roast pork skin with half fat and half skinny char siew
This is what I call Double Happiness ! 

Goes pretty well with whole grain French mustard 

A tip I just discovered - you do not need to buy the French mustard like the one above, Tesco is selling whole grain French mustard for only RM 4.55 and it tastes the same.

Remember, there are 3 stalls here - all selling roast pork.
You must go to the 3rd stall, I repeat the 3rd stall.
Buy from the lady above.
If you are not sure, ask her if her name is Ah Luan.
Her stall is the 3rd stall, nearest to the vegetable stalls of the market . 

Foodie's Choice - Not too fat, not too skinny
Buy back, eat immediately, don't wait too long, never reheat 
Enjoy with a can of Budweiser

I don't know about you, but as for me, during this merry time, Roast Pork beats Turkey hands down !
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year !

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Best Koay Teow Thing in Penang

Food Rating        :      5 stars
Value for money :      4.5 stars
Kopi O rating      :      5 stars
Ambience           :      Very Busy Coffee Shop

This is a must try especially for locals.
The best 'old chicken' (lou kai) in Penang, you don't know what you are missing if you have not been here.  The chicken above is RM17 comes with 2 bowls of noodles.
This breakfast will last you till tea time.  Don't be too late though, nothing left for you after 11 am.

Home made fish balls.
1 piece of chicken with red chilli and koay teow mix noodles, super yummy. 
The boss in action, nice and friendly guy.
You have the option of duck meat as well, also very delicious. 

Foodie's Choice - Bee Hoon soup with chicken as a side , never forgetting a cup of Kopi O 
Kopi O also very good - 5 star rating !
Ice cold version also just as good :-)
Finding a place to sit is a challenge, sometimes need to fight with people who refuse to share the table with you.

Chee Cheong Fun here also very, very good.
Remember the face of this Indonesian maid, she speaks perfect Cantonese. 
When you are done, take a stroll at the market, plenty to see ... 

Kedai Kopi Soon Yuen is also known for the Wan Ton Mee and the Curry Mee.
I have tried the Wan Ton Mee and honestly, it is no where near yummy and the man selling it is rather sweaty and sloppy.  If you ask me, I suggest you can pass this one.
Curry Mee is ok but finishes rather early.
Let's just stick to the chicken and Koay Teow Thing, they have been around for many years now and it is super super yummy.
Better try it before this couple retires :-)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Balik Pulau Musang King

 Truly the King of durians ... Musang King !
Penangites just have the best of everything :-)
We have 2 wind falls of durinas this year, so if you missed the 1st one, now is the time to catch up what you have missed.
Also durians getting cheaper & cheaper ...
If you are a person who is into counting calories and making sure you do not simply eat anything for unnecessary weight gain, this is the durian of choice.

 You have the old tree and the young tree.
You can choose from a bitter base or a sweet base.
Just tell them what you fancy and they will choose something for you.
 Tesco is selling Musang King at RM20 per tray.  If you are lucky you can see them opening the fresh ones and grab a few trays.
If you are adventurous like Foodie, you can attempt to open your own durian.
Mind you, you will need the correct tools.
So far, best price that Foodie has bargained for is RM15/kg.
The seed is really small, so it is really good value for money.
It tastes like heaven.
Go grab your Musang King now ... the season is NOW !

Friday, 14 December 2012

New World Park - What's Still Good There ?

 New World Park Food Court
This is a food court so it is rather difficult to do the regular rating.
In the past if you mention Swatow Lane, the first thing that comes in mind will be the Ice Kacang, Curry Mee and Pasembur.
So, is everything still the same ?
The food quality still as good and delicious ?
I suppose not.
Well, let us mention the good stuff first.
A very nice and clean place to enjoy hawker food, also a huge variety, some may not be so authentic though.  
For tourists who want to try a good variety of street food with limited time, here is the place to go.
If you have a fussy palate, hmmm... maybe not that great a place then
This is the man in charge of the food court stalls, the main person who collects the rental . 
Rumour has it that 16 million was spent to set up the whole area inclusive of the shop lots ...
As a kid, I remember this uncle preparing my ice kacang, now he is the man-in-charge of the food court.  It is nice to know that there are some with humble beginnings who do not forget their roots and remain as humble as ever.  Mr Ice Kacang, still takes orders from customers and on special requests, he will make it for you :-)
 If you are a diabetic, you can opt for fresh milk only, not the best but at least you don't lose out on this yummy treat.
Foodie's Choice
Ice Kacang add Mango, no ice cream prepared by  'The Man'  himself
Remember to order only after you finish your main course otherwise it will all melt away by the time you get to it
Good idea
Next we move on to the Hokkien Mee
Foodie's Choice - Add Pai Kut  RM 4.50
Good value for money
Piping hot soup

Ice Kacang stall also sells fruits on the side, just like the good old days, but a cleaner version 

Then you have a variety of other stuff, including the ridiculously priced Mee Goreng for RM 5.00! Nothing special about it.  Forget about the pasembur, really waste of your time...

Tang Hoon Fish Ball, So-So, taste a little like it is prepared by an Indonesian Maid 

This one is overpriced with super diluted Ang Tau Thing and Yam Cake with no yam. Used to be really good but I guess sometimes profit overtakes all cause...

Two curry mee stalls here...  In the good old days while still at Swatow Lane, we used to have one of the best curry mee here ... not any more :-(

So your best bet when you come here is Hokkien Mee and Ice Kacang (must be made by the boss) otherwise, quality is not there ...