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Monday, 11 March 2013

NO SMILE, No Photos - It's French!

Another one HITS the No Go List !
La France Cafe & Restaurant
For exact venue and opening hours, see links below
 Used to be one of the hawker food stall at Northern Beach Cafe, they have undergone an upgrade to this new venue.
Food is ok, coffee (freshly brewed) is good, ambience is nice and cosy ...
 very sorry to say service was WITHOUT a SMILE
this French guy just won't smile!
Ok nothing against NOT smiling ...
the set lunch menu is super not flexible, no offense but if it is gonna be fixed like that, all Foodie can say is Good Luck
Set A - Pasta with drink, Set B and Set C is mains with dessert...
err... what if we don't want dessert ?
Reply by French Guy :  If you don't want dessert with the set, you just don't eat it then
Foodie *Faints*
I was told this guy is the boss ... No comments
The pasta ordered was average - ok
and then ...
why no more photos ...
NOT allowed to take photos !
even the food you have ordered not allowed to take photos... I don 't remember going to French restaurants in Paris and not being allowed to take photos!
ok enough said ...
after all it is French, French, French 
no more photos ...
unable to continue this post ...
if you want a good laugh, no harm giving it a try here, 
Coffee is GOOD of course not at the Penang Street Food price!
By the way, if you a filthy rich, maybe you could try giving a RM100 tip,
maybe the French Guy will give you a smile...

Good Luck !!!

What others feel :


Anonymous said...

Hello! Here is the boss> La France... For your information, I don't smile for money. Especially with idiots customers who do not respect a single rule in my shop.

I told you (like many others) that pictures are not allowed in my House. Some people are smart, and polite. They respect my "rule". You are free not to stay in my house. But guess? You do not respect this simple thing. I take this kind of behavior like an insult. Not because you take pictures, but because you purposely do it against my will.

Your are in Penang, not in Paris. My Cafe is "La France" not "Le Paris" or "Disney World" You see... Paris is not "all the french people" But as a real Penangite, you know only few little thing about french people.

Now, I do smile when I read your blog. Thanks for advertising my rules and regulation.

Penang Foodie said...

Hi Boss, glad that you are reading this blog and it is putting a smile on your face :-)
Good that we are doing some publicity for you and letting Penang know that photography is not allowed ... maybe you could make the sign bigger cause when we took the photos we did not see your sign, after you told us we stopped and OBEYED your RULES ...
by the way, have you changed your opening hours? cause some Foodie fans went several times and were disappointed that your shop was closed.

Anonymous said...

But what is exactly a "FOODIE" ? Well...



1 - A fat kid pretentious enough to think up a special word to describe their desperate longing for anything to shove down their face.

They'll often claim to be "food enthusiasts" or to have "refined tastes," but they're usually lying.

"I got tired of telling people I had a 'glandular problem,' so I decided to start calling myself a foodie instead. It frees me of those negative connotations and leaves me to be become as lardy as I see fit."

2 - Either a 27 year old woman with a boob job, or a gay man with a great job. Both claim to have many friends that are also foodies. They see Rachael Ray have foodgasms and expect the same from Burger King.

They spend too much money trying to emulate food celebrities they see on Asian Food Channel, and do ridiculous activities like going out in a party of 10 to a Kobe beef tasting or Wine pairing.

Essentially, if you call yourself a "foodie", you aren't one; or you aren't what you think it means. A firefighter would not walk up to a burning building, criticize the flames, and proclaim that he and his coworkers are firefighters.

"This restaurant sucked, me and all my friends are foodies, and my steak wasn't hot enough, and there were some sea salt crystals on my bread."

3 - A dumbed-down term used by corporate marketing forces to infantilize and increase consumerism in an increasingly simple-minded American magazine reading audience. The addition of the long "e" sound on the end of a common word is used to create the sensation of being part of a group in isolationist urban society, while also feminizing the term to subconsciously foster submission to ever-present market sources.

Though the terms "gastronome" and "epicure" define the same thing, i.e. a person who enjoys food for pleasure, these words are perceived by the modern American consumer as elitist due to their latin root forms and polysyllabic pronunciations.

Also spelled "foody"

This newest repackaging of Third World derived ingredients in the latest Trader Joe's product is ever so delicious and different, it's really made for all you foodies out there to BUY NOW!

4 - The most simple definition of a "Foodie"

A person who has no actual interests or hobbies. (slobs and other fat mother fckers having only TV Iphone and play-play food to fill-in their free time)

"Oh that's really interesting! Me? Hmmm lets see, let me describe myself...well...I guess I would consider myself a real foodie"


Anonymous said...

Very unprofessional.. who the hell calls their customers idiots? And if you are going to own a business, learn to accept criticism.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous? I never called my customers idiots, I call YOU an idiots (and a coward arsehole)

If you think that entering a shop with some money in the pocket give you all the rights, then your brain is totally fucked-up.

If some consumers behave like shit, I call them idiots. You are one of them.

Penang Foodie said...

Hi La France boss,
Kindly note that this blog is solely a reflection of personal opinion. You have the right to disagree with the view of others.
I would appreciate if we could all respect one another and NOT use vulgar language.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

" I would appreciate if we could all respect one another and NOT use vulgar language. "

Oh? Really... Respect one another? On which bases exactly? You "FoodBloggers" you talk about respect when, and only when, it arranges yourself.

(arrange your pay/per click and advertised little webpage).

Respect? Professionalism? First of all, learn to introduce yourself>

>What is your name?
>What is your experience in food&beverage business?
>What is your qualification as a culinary expert?


But of course, you can't be a professional. Simply because, in the first place, FOODBLOGGING is not a real job.

Writing puerile remarks under a stupid nickname may allow anybody to write any kind of shit about real people. Real Business owners, with a real name, a real address, a real business to run, real responsibilities.

Bloggers are irresponsible. They are just like that. Like parasite. You have no respect at all.

Before you try to lecture other people about "respect", look at yourself in the first place.

You like to blah-blah gossip about restaurant owners and workers? A good advise. Use your real name, and than you will realize the meaning of responsibilities (respect)

Food bloggers like you don't care about business owners! You don't care about anything beside your "Hi!Hi!" stupid attitude.

You are like parasites (hidden behind your computer) Without the sweat and the stress of workers and business owners, (hawkers or big Restaurant owners, doesn't t matter) your blog does not exist. You bloggers, do not exist.

Vulgarity? You mean? WTF?

Seriously. Who started in the first place? I do not allow pictures in my cafe. It is written. There is nothing vulgar in that. But? You still use the name and the pictures of my Business, my Menu, visual support taken in my House, to make your little business of "food beggars"? This is respectful? This is "fine"?

Foodies Bloogers... Damn! Just the name sounds "vulgar & cheapskate". You are not qualify to discuss "fine words"

You think you are Professional? Kiddy-Foody? You don't even have your own domain name.
You just use a free "sub-low band-within- domain name" owned by

Hey ah girl> The layout of your pages sucks, you have no programming skills. You have no taste. Return to school.

"solely a reflection of personal opinion" (?) lol that joke.

Your real target is not just sharing some personal "blah-blah" it is earning pay per click, incomes generated through advertising.... On the back of other people... Like leeches.

Leeches, and all those desperate idiots hoping to make some bucks via "Google adds" and other internet delusional 3rd hand crap business associate concept. They call themselves "editors". It is just, Mass production of useless commercial text. Empty.

Taking "half past six" pictures and writing inconsistent bla-blah about food is not a real job. Open your eyes kiddo.

You need "us, hard working people, and real business owners" to exist, you technically have nothing for yourself (beside you poor camera).

Technically "speaking" You produce no goods, no services. (blah-blah! Hi hi! Miam miam! OMG? No smile! etc...) >>> isn't service. It is kids talk. No one need that kind of stuff.

Je ne vous salue pas.

Anonymous said...

To the proprietor of La France,

It is with much amusement when I came across this blog on your restaurant and the ensuing responses it has elicited from you. "Shocking" comes to mind when reading your rather rude and unprofessional attitude towards a harmless food blog. As you have explicitly explained that food blogs are insignificant, useless and harbors no warranted value whatsoever, why on earth would you then lower yourself to the gutters by being crude and trying to demean what already seems to you something not worthy of your time? Clearly the comments from the blog must have struck a vein or two....or more!

Any comments should be taken positively, constructively and objectively rather than taking a defensive and negative mindset. If your own business was truly successful, your service and food would speak for itself and honestly,.... you wouldn't even have the time to read food blogs about your own restaurant, let alone composing novel length essays and looking up definitions and synonyms from the good old dictionary and thesaurus.

Now, I must state that this is the first and hopefully only time I'm actually commenting on something I'm not even a party of, but your replies were completely out of line and needed to be set straight. Which leads me to wonder.....should I be expecting to be called an 'idiot' too and have profanities hurled at me for my personal and unbiased views? Hmm, whilst I am willing to give you the benefit of doubt, lol... unfortunately I think it would be expected of you. But oh, come on, why don't you try to resist the temptation of unleashing your inner demons and be polite and civilized for once? Prove me wrong, I have faith in you!

Not a foodie, but a food lover.

Anonymous said...

Food lovers & fake Christians. "You are Legion"

Foodies try now to be food lovers?

I enjoy my free time. Don't you have free time?

Food lovers (foodies) - definition:

Gluttony — Wasting of food, either through eating too much food, drink or drugs, misplaced desire for food for its taste, or not giving food to the needy ("excessive love of pleasure" was Dante's definition).

Useless bored people who love food are gluttons.

Taking pictures of every single meals, is food obsession. Greed (mental disorder, insanity)

Loving food is by definition a Sin.

A good advise, find another Church... Than come back to lecture me, illiterate low educated foodies.

Only coward people and demons hide their names.

Anonymous said...

To the proprietor of La France (whom I believe is also cowardly for he too is nameless, hiding behind his poor excuse of a name for a restaurant),

I believe the word you are referring to is LEGEND, not Legion. But it's ok, you are excused for the error as clearly in your haste to summon up a reply, you may perhaps have forgotten to refer to your trusty little dictionary.

Your last reply was most disappointing, again harping on the definition of food lover, foodie, gluttony etc etc. Honestly....*yawn*...have you nothing new to rant about? And it was so short too... and strangely lacking in your notorious vulgarian spew. I was hoping to have a good laugh over lunch.

You may also want to refer to the
dictionary on the meaning of 'inner demons'. It may surprise you to know that it has nothing whatsoever to do with demons nor religion. Although I found it thoroughly amusing that you thought it did.

Food Lover & Foodie (I'm throwing in both at once, just for good measure to rile you up. So please don't disappoint with your next reply, make it a really good entertaining one.)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Name calling and censorship... So pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Food lover? Foodies? What kind of stupid name is that?
Foodies, or how to describe post-modern age cultural poverty...

What is really a foodie?

A proletarian or member of the middle class who occasionally eats quality food, often of the type enjoyed by the higher classes but sometimes "exotic" food of foreign lands.

What the foodie calls "gourmet," the upper class or upper middle class will simply call "food."

Foodies often enjoy displaying their knowledge of food, which they must acquire since they must prepare it themselves, not having the finanical means to regularly have others prepare it for them.

The foodie pushed aside his TV dinners and bagged corn crisps to make way for the newly-bought fresh produce; tonight, after four hours of preparation, he will dine like a celebrity.


Healthy people (conscious) don't go to a restaurant to buy fake smiles and salesmen's arse licking entertainment...

They simply enjoy a good meal. Quality food.

There is another definition of foodies, quite often true...

A politically correct term for a fat person who has no actual interests or hobbies.

"Loving food" is technically meaningless.  To be precise, it is nonsensical.
Only low educated people can proclame to be "foodies". Syndrome of a deep cultural poverty. Global Crisis.

Anonymous said...

Hey foodies? The Truth hurts... That's why you erased my post ah ah... seems that I help people to discover who hide behinds so-called "food lovers"... foodie needs censorship. Foodie little dictator not happy.

Not so bright... m'foodiees lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Weird... the comment has been removed but it was quite true (and really funny :-)
Finally, Food bloggers like to talk fantasy on other people, but don't like to be criticized eh eh lol