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Monday, 15 October 2012

Watching Life Pass Over A Plate of Wan Ton Mee, Kedai Kopi Tai Hin

At the junction of Lebuh Melaka and Anson Road, lies Tai Hin Cafe, an old colonial building.  A little bit of Penang heritage while enjoying a plate of wan ton mee, in the heart of the island.  Opposite the coffee shop is the Anson Road wet market.

Food Rating        :        3.5 stars
Kopi O Rating    :         3.0 stars - diluted, next time must order gao
Ambience           :         5.0 stars, just great
Value for money :         3.5 stars

Wan ton mee  -  Morning only
Chicken rice - lunch ( so-so only )

Ambience here is great, there is a mixture of people from all walks of life, the housewife who has just finished her marketing, the white collar man who is just about tho start work, the ah pek who has come for his daily routine, the chicken rice man starting up his stall, the old man waiting for his wife etc etc ....

loads to watch, loads to learn as I sip my kopi O and wait for the noodle

He looks over his shoulder and remembers the orders, everyone has their own way of remembering orders, the more I observe, the more I realise that most stalls are made of a husband and wife team.

Here's the regular for RM 2.70

My breakfast of RM 3.60, I think will last till 12 noon

90 cents

Coffee man works very hard, only 2 days off in a year, one man show, young man will take the orders, make the coffee, collect the money, clear the cups, wash the cups, very cool

I sat right at the corner, watching the world pass me by at 8am in the morning, a moment of quietness, observing people in Penang go through their daily routine and I wonder if people elsewhere are doing the same.
Once in a while, it is good to observe from afar and all these moments, we have it,

we have it all in Penang ... 

chicken rice man getting ready for lunch

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