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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hill Park Roast Chicken Rice, Anybody ?

 If you live at around Tanjung Bungah and you run out of lunch venues on a weekend, and you don't feel like going out or you are recovering from a Friday hangover, here is the place to 'ta pao' your comfort food.
 Hill Park roasted chicken rice is situated at Jalan Lembah Permai, run by a female mummy, weekends, you can see her children helping her out.

 So, what are the specialties here ...
Roast Chicken
Roast Pork
Tau Kua in Soya Sauce (must order)
Spare parts - chicken gizzard and heart
Soup of the day (on the house)
 Reasonably priced
Best part is lady boss, although busy is very friendly and accommodating, so you can request for the lean part of the roast pork, request for soup, gravy etc etc etc ...   
 At 1pm, it gets super busy, by 1:30pm everything is gone, so best time to go is just before 12 noon  

 All types of combination is possible, chicken with roast pork with gizzard with heart with tau kuah bla bla bla

 If you happen to be in Tanjung Bungah for lunch or brunch ... try this venue
It has surely earned its place on the "Cheap & Good" list :-) 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Visit To Crystal Crown PJ - A Pleasant Japanese Surprise

A recent visit to PJ for work brought me to a pleasant surprise.
Before I get started, to my utter horror, this hotel was unbelievably poor ...
Service was bad, promised wi-fi in the room had very poor connection.
Breakfast every morning was the same ...
Oh well, this post is not about the hotel but about the pleasant Japanese restaurant.
On the 2nd floor of the hotel, is Sango Japanese.
I was told not to walk around either in the day time and what more at night as the security around the area is not great.
So, I stayed in the hotel and decided to try the Japanese food because the chinese restaurant opposite looked very expensive :-)

First night, I ordered a hot noodle which comes with some fritters, good batter, nice and hot piping noodles, good comfort food...

2nd night I ordered a bento, everything tasted very fresh and delicious.
Looking around, they actually have buffet on Fridays and Saturdays but you will have to make prior reservations.
This sounds good, as they make sure the quality and freshness is there and they buy according to their estimates for the day.
Unfortunately for me, I can't have the buffet spread as I have not made reservations.
Buffet is carried out by ordering from the menu and the waiters will serve you want you have ordered ... Waiters and waitresses there are super, super efficient too...

If you happen to be in PJ do visit this hidden treasure.
If you stay at the hotel, you get 10% off your bill.
Though I do not recommend you stay there ...
Thought I will put up something different other than Penang Street Food :-)
Have a nice day !

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Chong Tian - A Taste of Heritage with Authentic Rich Chinese Cuisine

 Ever heard of 'Monk Jump Over Wall' dish - literal translation from Cantonese.
Well, this is an authentic super rich dish and needs to be ordered in advance.
One of the many Chinese restaurants serving this is Chung Tian.
Here is the official website of the venue where you can get full details
 Well, it is located in the Heritage City of Georgetown and is a very good tourist venue to bring your Caucasian tourists to.
As a local, it is nice to have a look at its interior and the Chinese food is indeed rather tasty.
A possible venue for the up coming Father's Day celebration.
 Foodie tried a set menu consisting of smoked duck with salad in the centre. 
 Followed by this super rich dish of 'Monk Jump over the Wall' consisting of dried scallop, fish maw, black chicken, shark's fin, whole abalone and a variety of Chinese herbs.
It come individually, so no fighting for the abalone and all the goodies inside.
Somehow, the richness and sweetness of the soup is not as expected, compared to Starview restaurant at New World Park.
Possibly due to the fact that at Starview, the dish is double boiled with the whole black chicken inside ...
 This is then followed by seafood noodles which was really tasty ...
 Dessert was 'sut kap gou' in Cantonese ... I am yet to find out if this is frog's saliva or frog's ovary or some fatty tissue in the Fallopian tubes ...  whatever it is ... it was not disgusting and tasted very delicious and is known to be good for the complexion and overall vitality ...

 This photo was taken before the election.
 After a hearty meal, talk a walk around the premise.
It is known to be a hotel since the 19th century for wealthy Chinese traders.
However, rumour has it that it also used to be a high class brothel.
I don't know.
There is also a museum belonging to the hotel which you can visit. 

 Overall ambience is nice, highly recommended for tourists who is very keen in Chinese history and would like to experience how it is like living in a traditional, historical atmosphere.
Not for me though, gets a little too eerie for me, with room ceiling painted bright red.

Here are some reviews of Chung Tian ...

Monday, 20 May 2013

Old Style Duck Meat Koay Teow Thing & Koay Chap @ Lebuh Melayu

 If you are craving for the traditional style Koay Teow Thing with clear soup and soup base tasting of duck meat, here is the place to be.
It used to be along Carnavon Street, main road, but they upgraded a few years ago into their own shop lot at Lebuh Melayu.
So, do make sure you don't go to the wrong one, as there is another Koay Teow Thing stall along Carnavon street now...

 This is the chef at work.
He has superb memory and can remember your orders if you are a regular.
He has been doing this since he was a kid, and I know this cause as a kid I have been one of his faithful customers :-)

 Kopi O here is very strong so make sure you don't drink it with an empty stomach.

 Specialties include the crunchy duck intestines, the duck meat on the side, duck head, gizzard and all other spare parts... you name it he has got it ...

 Well, the beauty of this venue is the boss is super hard working.
So, he sells Koay Teow Thing for breakfast and then follows on with Koay Chap for lunch.
If you are a glutton like me, you could go a little late and try both at the same time.
If you are an 'intestine' sort of person, this is the place for you.
Just check out the plate above, you can even request if you want the upper or lower intestines.
 The tau kuah is also yummy with the juices all seep into the tau kuah, as you bite it you can taste the goodness in you mouth.  This is a MUST try.

Well, if you are not a fan of either the above, no worries, you still can order stuff from the coffee shop round the corner, they have one of the best Char Koay Teow and among other things include Lor Mee and Wan Ton Mee, so you won't be left out ...