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Friday, 16 November 2012

Hotel Eng Loh - A Great Disappointment

Another one Hits the NO GO List !
I am not going to bother with ratings for this one cause it was a great let down.
I will tell you why ...

I visited this place last, I think maybe 2 years ago ... I was very pleased with it then.
I guess things have changed.

This coffee shop is part of the Penang heritage trial so you would expect the ambience will be great.
It is located at Church Street, right at the corner.
Well there are still lots of people patronising it on a Saturday morning and I will expect this to be a popular breakfast venue on a working day.

Lets start with the wan ton mee - RM 4.00 if you add wan ton
For value of money, I would say no where near this on
For taste, I can only taste pepper and salt
Very peppery and very slow as well, only 1 person doing everything
I don't remember this stall being like that
One word 'sad' :-(

Let us proceed to the char koay teow.
I was very happy to see the charcoal stove being set up so why not give it a try.
Not my regular practice to eat char koay teow for breakfast.

This one is RM4.00 with egg.
One word - salty
The prawns dipped in sugar before being fried, you can literally taste the sugar :-(
no good... this is Penang ... suppose to be famous for the char koay teow
what will our die hard tourists say after eating this !!!

Ok the kopi O is 90 cents
Lets try the toast, since it is featured so often on the breakfast set
I think I make better butter and kaya toast ...
part of it is crispy, another part is not

Maybe you could say the ambience is heritage, old town
But then again, the floor is so oily you could slide on it
Your shirt stinks of oil when you leave
The old lady insist on taking coffee orders, when her younger colleague tells her to clear the tables, not great ambience for a Saturday morning

There is a koay teow thing stall, Indian food stall and yam cake stall too, but I did not try so can't make any comments

I am sorry, I am not going to return to Eng Loh anytime soon, let's give it another 2 years.
Meantime, I have to put it in my NO GO ! List

Happy weekend... Don't try this one ...

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