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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Best Hamburger

So what is the best thing to do after a long days work?  Sit back, relax, have a hamburger and a couple if beers :-) why not ?

Do you remember a restaurant called Audees in Pulau Tikus, Burmah Road, sometime back ?  Well the same owner is now running a hamburger outlet at the Jalan Tanjung Bungah in the evenings.  It is at the compound of Sunflower Bakery. If you happen to pass by Tanjung Bungah and you are a burger fan, this is a MUST HAVE !

I know we have the Ah Pek burger at Hillside and it also has been highly featured it his blog by Foodie some time back.  Well, if we can put it this way ... There are many categories of hamburger.  If we can say Hillside Ah Pek burger is similar to Ramli burger, Tari burger etc ie. stall burger category, tasty in a different league if it's own.

This one in the other hand is premium burger with all the quality goodies.  If you take beef the pate is nice and not full of flour, it really has meat inside and if you choose chicken, you get the full drum.  Home made pickles are really nice, very different from the extremely sour ones you have in your Mac Donalds or Burger King beef burgers.

So ... Current price for premium burgers is super reasonable and if you have a small stomach, share it and you will still be pretty full with the side chilli fries.

Side chilli fries is a Must Have it's super yum !

If you are a very busy person, call in order first, less waiting :-)

A little complicated for the newbie cause you get to choose choice if bun, my favorite is the bagel poppy seed.  Charcoal is light, English muffin is heavy, whole wheat??? Err... Did not try cause how can you match something healthy with the not so healthy ha ha ... If you wanna indulge, let's do it all the way ...

Sk the best option for Foodie is the Take Away so you can go home and relax, place ya feet on the coffee table, sit back, open ya can if Asahi and enjoy ...

These are the reasons why Hamburger is in the Best List of Penang Foodie and below are the MUST HAVES ...

The Beef Hamburger 
Moroccan Lamb
The Yakuza
Chilli Fries

Oh yum ...


Penang Ho Chiak said...

Nice write-up. Thanks for introducing! :-)

Penang Foodie said...

Thank you :-)