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Friday, 14 December 2012

New World Park - What's Still Good There ?

 New World Park Food Court
This is a food court so it is rather difficult to do the regular rating.
In the past if you mention Swatow Lane, the first thing that comes in mind will be the Ice Kacang, Curry Mee and Pasembur.
So, is everything still the same ?
The food quality still as good and delicious ?
I suppose not.
Well, let us mention the good stuff first.
A very nice and clean place to enjoy hawker food, also a huge variety, some may not be so authentic though.  
For tourists who want to try a good variety of street food with limited time, here is the place to go.
If you have a fussy palate, hmmm... maybe not that great a place then
This is the man in charge of the food court stalls, the main person who collects the rental . 
Rumour has it that 16 million was spent to set up the whole area inclusive of the shop lots ...
As a kid, I remember this uncle preparing my ice kacang, now he is the man-in-charge of the food court.  It is nice to know that there are some with humble beginnings who do not forget their roots and remain as humble as ever.  Mr Ice Kacang, still takes orders from customers and on special requests, he will make it for you :-)
 If you are a diabetic, you can opt for fresh milk only, not the best but at least you don't lose out on this yummy treat.
Foodie's Choice
Ice Kacang add Mango, no ice cream prepared by  'The Man'  himself
Remember to order only after you finish your main course otherwise it will all melt away by the time you get to it
Good idea
Next we move on to the Hokkien Mee
Foodie's Choice - Add Pai Kut  RM 4.50
Good value for money
Piping hot soup

Ice Kacang stall also sells fruits on the side, just like the good old days, but a cleaner version 

Then you have a variety of other stuff, including the ridiculously priced Mee Goreng for RM 5.00! Nothing special about it.  Forget about the pasembur, really waste of your time...

Tang Hoon Fish Ball, So-So, taste a little like it is prepared by an Indonesian Maid 

This one is overpriced with super diluted Ang Tau Thing and Yam Cake with no yam. Used to be really good but I guess sometimes profit overtakes all cause...

Two curry mee stalls here...  In the good old days while still at Swatow Lane, we used to have one of the best curry mee here ... not any more :-(

So your best bet when you come here is Hokkien Mee and Ice Kacang (must be made by the boss) otherwise, quality is not there ...


Jade Graham said...

I learn some new stuff from it too, thanks for sharing your information.
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Penang Foodie said...

Heard this place will be closing down soon for future development ...