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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

New Cathay Revisited

New Cathay Coffee Shop
425E Jalan Burma
Open: 7:00am – 2:00pm
Close: Sundays
GPS Coordinates: 5.43236,100.309569

This coffee shop is always crowded in the morning for breakfast.
This is the effect of Medical Tourism in Penang and the effects of having Adventist Hospital nearby.
As a result, the food here is expensive, the service is poor and there is a lousy ambience due to the crowding, so if you are here to have a stroll or a relaxing breakfast or lunch forget it, it is more like a battle field.  Ok, let's get to the food.
Can't do the regular rating as there is a mixture of good and bad, love and hate ... so please read on :-)
Good stuff here - Jawa Mee @ RM3.00 still very reasonable and super tasty, highly recommended.
Pan Mee, Fried Fish Bee Hoon (super friendly couple, for the price you are paying good value for money)

The other stalls are ok, good place to come if you have a large crowd and everyone wants to try something different.

Don't bother with the wan ton mee, it is so-so with the worst attitude ever, very snobbish man taking orders, long wait and worse still he insist you give him exact change.
I personally feel this attitude deserves a BOYCOTT since we are spoilt for choice.
But then again, views differ ...

Curry mee here is still good.
Is the price increase due to the Indonesians flooding in?
Used to be RM2.80, now it is compulsory RM3.50 with all the unnecessary 'additions'!

Do you remember as a kid eating curry mee with fish ball or sotong ball ?
This is not very authentic at all.
Think it is a scam, by adding a fish ball you can increase the price
only tourist will buy into this one, so not for the locals !!!

Kopi O is lousy and it is RM1.00 - please don't bother
Not to mention the lady workers pull a black long face, maybe they are over worked and the only male worker is 'fake friendly' to females and non-stop flirting with the males ...

Add your own sugar indeed is a good option but contaminated sugar is absolutely disgusting

This one is good, for this price they serve you with plenty of fish.
Husband and wife super friendly :-)

New Cathay revisited ... but I will only come here when I run out of options or need a quick fix.
Coffee is lousy ... Food is over priced.
Here Foodie chooses - Jawa Mee, Fried Fish Bee Hoon and Pan Mee


Daphne said...

Where is New Cathay, Su Lin?

Anonymous said...

opposite the Lady of Sorrows catholic church, opposite Belissa Row