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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Karaikudi Restaurant

 This is a Deepavali special.
Had the pleasure to be invited by a lovely couple to this restaurant and was very pleased with it.
This is a nice place for tourists.
Introduced this place to some friends from New Delhi, a few years back and they were so happy with the venue as they were eating Malaysian food for a couple of days and wanted to eat something closer to home.
As I walk into the restaurant, I can visualise British couples relaxing and enjoying the Northern Indian cuisine here, back to the old colonial days.
 The put up a special here everyday.
If you want to know more about the menu you can click on their own website below:
The website has nice food photos but needs more details and fine tuning.
Still the photos look nicer than the ones I have taken here.

 You may try the tandoori chicken and curry mutton.

 Naan bread is good - a variety of choices.
Reasonably priced.
Clean and nice ambience.
While you are here, don't forget to try the Lassi yogurt drink.
Also, Little India is just round the corner.
Take a walk after your meal :-)

Karaikudi Restaurant (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Call : 04 - 263 1345
No.20, Lebuh Pasar, 
10200, Georgetown
Pulau Pinang
Business Hours:11am - 11pm Daily

Happy Diwali ... Happy Holiday ...

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Palace of the Golden Horses - My Goodness

Palace of the Golden Horses
Wow what a prestigious name.
So looking forward to the trip ... Err ... Maybe not ....
Let's check out the room .... 
Look at this bath tub, yup the outlet has been blocked ...
Look closer ... The hand held shower is missing ! 
Still in the bathroom check out the cracks with stain just below the bidet.
Carpet in the room is filthy ...
Not to mention also there is plaster falling off the ceiling every time you shut the door :-(
Nice view but it's deceiving 
Look at what's opposite the nice waterfall view
This little pool of water with wires everywhere is definitely a hazard to children
For a hotel promoting it's wellness centre, the gym is outrageously in a desperate need for a face lift and addition of equipment.  This is the one and only treadmill here and look closely, the hand bars are rusty.
Another hazard pool filled with moss, well at least they put a sign here so they won't be responsible if anything happens to you.

In summary, the only good point is Internet is free

Bad points - definitely not 6 stars

No room slippers
Bath tub with no shower handle
Filthy room
Below standard quality gym - real joke only 1 rusting treadmill 
Please don't talk about the breakfast
Newspaper ? Please book it otherwise none for you
Puddles of water with moss in it everywhere

Well, it's up to you to decide, but as for me ...
No more Palace for me ... bye bye

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Authentic Thai @ Tan Jetty

 You just gotta come to this place.
It is authentic Thai, the Penang way.
Why ?
Cause the venue is so uniquely Penang.
I can't even find words to describe it.
Whether you are a tourist or a local, if you have not been here, please go and try it.
The food is good.
The atmosphere and ambience is great.
If your timing is not good, you need to bring 'patience' along cause it may be a long wait.
That said, it's not all bad cause you can soak in the richness and originality of Penang.
Maybe the best time is just before sunset, sometimes you may bump into couples taking their wedding photos during this time, also if you are the early bird, the wait is not that long.
 So, what's good here ?
They serve laksa for lunch.
It's rather authentic Thai cause the chefs are Thai.
Most things here are nice and reasonably priced.

 These deep fried mushrooms and chili sauce goes superbly well with beer.

 Fish of the day is fresh and it comes with a little bit of extra gravy.
Everything is spicy :-)

 Seating on stilts.
How can you beat that ?
Watching the sun set in front of your eyes.
Good company
Good food
Good drinks
Good ambience
Penang indeed has it all ...
 And this is the thing I always say about Penang.
Penang is so 'real', all this heritage is not a show.
It is real life, everyday life intertwined with heritage.
In the midst of your meal, you have this playful little boy, not wearing any shorts, running around and having a good time fooling with his brother.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Keat Clay Pot Bah Kut Teh - Cheap & Good

 Superb !
Another venue hits the Cheap & Good List :-)
I used to be a regular here but for some reason I forgot about it until recently, I re-discover it as I was passing along Air Itam and was feeling hungry and had an urge for Bah Kut Teh.

 Prior to this, the only Bah Kut Teh place I would go with no disappointment is this one
 But now ... the winds have changed ...
Why ?
Because this place is Good and it is also CHEAP :-p 
like much much much cheaper than the link above
 The style is different but this one you can eat to your heart's content with no worry that it will blow a hole in your pocket.
Also this one is from dinner onwards till late ...

 Highly recommended is the 'pin head' mushroom in a different pot.
Loads of spare parts.
Foodie's Choice
Claypot Bah Kut Teh - Spare ribs, Tongue, Pork Balls
Separately order - add mushrooms and 'fu chok'
 Guess what ...
You can add as much soup as you like and no one will scold you or give you a long face ... how cool is that ?

 Here are the co-ordinates
Location Map of Keat Clay Pot Bak Kut Teh.
Google Map GPS : 5.405936,100.295992

Jalan Air Itam
Opposite the Kampung Bahru, Air Itam Market

Business Hours :-
6.00 pm to 2 am

Closed on every Monday

Friday, 4 October 2013

Halal Char Koay Teow - Tanjung Bungah

 Halal Char Koay Teow, anyone ?
This one is not for the faint hearted !
Neither is it for the weak tummy !
It is an after clubbing venue.
Only opens after 9:30 pm
 Uses vegetable oil for frying, and the cheap hot dog sausages.
It is Halal :-)
 Ok why is not for the weak heart and weak tummy?
Ok the cockles ie 'si ham' is not very fresh so be careful, you may have diarrhoea if you do not have a strong stomach.
Prawns are not very fresh.
If you don't mind sitting at a not so hygienic place while eating then it is ok,
otherwise, my advice is better 'ta pao' ie 'bungkus'.
But taste is good. 
 What you should do to be safe ?
Order Char Koay Teow with egg RM 4.00.
No cockles, no prawns.
Better to pack it home to eat with a beer in front of the tv.
Jalan Chan Siew Tong
Cafe Kwong Ban Lee
9:30pm to 2 am
Supper only
Closed on Sundays

If you are going clubbing this weekend and want to have something to eat in the wee hours ... 
this is the place.
Happy Weekend :-)