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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Book Review : An Economist Gets Lunch

 Fancy finding a book review on a Food Blog ?
I thought this may be interesting for a change and of course the review is on a book related to food.

 I came across this book and have just finished reading it.
The first thing that drew my attention and made me link to the writer was his statement on Page 3 -

'Let's be clear : Every meal really matters to me.'

I can so relate to that cause I share similar sentiments.
The author was describing how he was saving his stomach just eating biscuits on the plane even though he was hungry and it was already 1.30pm.
Cause he wanted to try to local food when he arrived at his destination.
This is so 'me'.  And I was reassured that I am sane and there are people out there just like me
... every meal really matters ...
 You don't have to read through the whole book, cause some of the chapters are not relevant as he describes various eating outlets in America.
Chapter 4 is good - how to find good eating outlets.
Very common sense but sometimes we forget, stuff like go where to locals go, don't just follow reviews on blogs, order what the locals order, take risks, try new stuff, experience a different culture through the food it has to offer.
Also, author explains why places that make money selling booze serves expensive booze food.
If you are a booze person, you go to booze places with lousy food OR places with good food serve not so great selection of booze ... (I am rattling away ... you better read the book).
So when you go to a posh place, you are also paying for the service, which is fine.
But you also want to order something nice.
So the question to ask the waiter is "What is your best today?"
If waiter answers "Everything is here is good." then you are in for a not so good meal ie. no hints for you, what is good, maybe you don't need to give such a good tip after all.
Also, need to see how passionate the waiter is or maybe ask for a different waiter, after all you are paying for good stuff.

You also need to observe the patrons of a certain restaurant.  If they are serious and don't talk much or be themselves, it is likely that the restaurant is good, cause they are such comfortable regulars they don't really care what others think.

Chapter 8 is interesting, author has various different ideas on how to go green.  From an economist point of view it is an eye-opener.  Go green opinion on Kobe beef and foe gras :-)

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book.  If you are a Foodie, you will enjoy it too cause there are lots of stuff you can relate with the author.

Happy Reading :-)

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