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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hotel Stay In Penang - Park Royal Revisited

 Park Royal Hotel ... ah ... I am not sure how old this hotel is but I remember as I kid I have frequented the KokoNut club and the wonderful buffets ...
 A revisit to the hotel was superb ... you may think this is such an old hotel, that is what I thought ... what is there to offer ... I was wrong :-)
 Nice cosy rooms, well dimmed the mattress was excellent, super comfortable.
 This is the view from the room balcony ... quiet and peaceful ...

 Nice seating area at the balcony, good for a few beers and chit chat.

 Ask for this room, nice :-)

 The Food !!! Never miss out on the food.
Although the hotel is located a a pretty strategic area at Batu Ferringhi, the hotel also serve pretty good food, so if you are here for 1 night don't bother strolling out for meals, have the buffet.
The best thing bout this buffet is the food never runs out, no matter how late you are.
Many buffets in Penang, are very stingy with the amount served, which defeats the purpose of calling it a buffet, if you have to fight for your food.
Well, not this one, I am utterly impressed :-)

 check out the super big lobster next to the tiger prawn, super yum!
 selection of sashimi and fresh oysters ...

 superb desserts, and the grapes are seedless

 This hotel stay at Park Royal was great, few years back the stay here was not as pleasant with monkey poo poo on my car, this time round I did not see the monkey poo poo anymore...
Park Royal is really keeping up to its standards if not better ... the hotel staff is very friendly and helpful, no wonder there are so many Caucasians staying over for weeks ...
I almost forgotten to mention a great band on weekends :-)
If you are a local thinking of a hotel stay with your kids, consider Park Royal Hotel, oh yes, it's been around for a while now but it sure is going strong, if not better...
If you are a tourist visiting Penang and love the beach, no need to think twice, might as well do the booking :-)
Happy Labour Day ...

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Yet Another Hits the NO GO LIST - Sorry Mr Laksa Man

Deliberately no photos cause this is not intended to offend anyone...

Just want to warn Street Food Lovers where NOT to go
so we do not accumulate unnecessary calories :-)

In the midst of the hot weather, Foodie has decided to have a quick lunch and opted for the Laksa Man stall on the motorcycle at the corner of Burmah House and Goh Dental, right in front of CIMB bank.

No stall, just the motorcycle selling Laksa, Spring Roll and Nyonya Kuih.

Super friendly Indian man selling it, by the way he speaks perfect Hokkien.

Unfortunately, Laksa was not sour enough, no fish taste and no fish !

So sorry Mr Laksa Man ...

On a good note, the kuih talam was very tasty.

Please don't waste your time eating the Laksa.

If you wanna help, please buy the Nyonya Kuih ...

One man's meat is another man's poison ...
Links that favour this stall

If you are into Indian Laksa, this is the place where Foodie goes ...

A little bit on Penang Asam Laksa

Happy Laksa-ing ...

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tesco Goodies

 In the midst of the General Election hype, Foodie has decided to do some stocking up at Tesco and found some compatible goodies and would like to share them with the fan club :-)
If you are a Cheerios fan, here is a good alternative...
I just realised that Tesco does not sell Cheerios, very strange.
Anyway this Multigrain Hoops alternative is half the price of Cheerios but tastes as good.
Only difference is it is not as crunchy so you can pour a little with milk and then after you are done pour some more Hoops with the milk.
Like Cheerios, it is not as sweet as other cereal. 
 I also found another alternative for the regular Kelogg's corn flakes.
Again, it is half the price... talk about getting the best deal in town.
These Tesco brands are half the price and to my surprise, also imported from the UK.
 This one is my all time favourite.
I have bought I think 3 bottles of this now since I have known of its existence.
Comparing this with the Cole's or Heinz brand, taste just as good but only a quarter of its price!
The mustard is selling at RM4.99 only, you have a choice of wholegrain, English and French, even mint sauce all at RM4.99!
Mind you it is also imported.
 This one is a new discovery.
I decided to try it out even though it is packaged in Malaysia and uses Minyak Kelapa Sawit.
I was totally surprised that it is as good as Lay's and Ruffles.
There you go... making you monies worth while stocking up for 5th of May ...

 Did so well in saving some money decided to splurge on an Italian Sparkling Wine
This one is from Jusco, was on sale and taste pretty good, RM 55.
Goes pretty well with the Tesco lightly salted crisps :-)

I don't work for Tesco, just want to share with you some goodies that I have found there.
Not everything there is a good deal ...
Happy Stocking Up !

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Another Hokkien Cuisine Heart Throb - Ang Hoay Lor

 While we are at it, here is another popular Hokkien Cuisine venue.
Previously located at Jalan Gurdwara, it has now moved to Jalan Perak
See below link for exact location, opneing hours and contact number:
 Both Ang Hoay Lor and Hock Chuan Heong serves practically the same menu.
The only difference is a slight tinge in its cooking style.
Ang Hoay Lor is 'the name' for Hokkien Cuisine in Penang island, due to its many years and generations of existence.
The truth is these two venues originated from the same lineage.
 A dish loved by many - Hokkien Char
 Prawn fritters - an all time favourite

Two little happy customers waiting to be served ...

Just an additional point from Foodie, if you wish to come here for a meal, make sure you can be patient and wait, otherwise you may be disappointed as the que is pretty long most of the time and the chefs make sure they cook their best ie. they will not rush the dishes out just for the sake of dishing it out ...

Happy trying Hokkien Food !

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Best Hokkien Cuisine - Hock Chuan Heong

 Hock Chuan Heong Restaurant
One of the few Hokkien Cuisine restaurants in Penang
This is one of the best and come from the same lineage as Ang Hoay Lor at Perak Road.
Both are compatible.
Lunch only, business starts at around 12 noon and finishes at 3-4 pm.
Lady boss is not too friendly a person, but who cares, we are there for the food, and the food is good !
 Here are the must order specialties, highly recommended are the ones in bold ...

Hokkien Fried Noodle (above)
Fried Oyster (below)

 Bah Kee - starchy pork cooked in soup, can be mixed with seafood ie prawns and oysters
 Home made tau kuah (bean curd) fried with prawns
 Fried Tang Hoon (glass noodle) - Foodie's Favourite
 Fried Rice

 Don't forget to enjoy a cup of icy cold local black coffee, super yum

Everything here is awesome check out the big marble size oysters.
I just have to highlight all the dishes in bold :-p