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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Eat here if you wanna be a Sucker

Another post to fill up the NO GO ! list ...

During this festive season, you must NOT go to places that treat customers like suckers.
This is one of them.

The hawker place by the roadside between Jalan Mount Erskine and Lengkok Halia.
This is a brunch cum lunch venue.

This place used to be good, unfortunately due to the swarms of KL TAR college students this place has become popular.

Some tips on how you could be 'conned' here ...
  1. The Drinks Stall - tells you there is no lime juice - offers to serve you lemon juice, and conveniently adds a sour plum in it then charges you RM2.50!  Ice kacang here if you don't mention anything - comes with the ice cream, again charge charge charge ...
  2. Old ladies selling Laksa - 1st impression poor old ladies, so old still selling laksa, order 2 small bowl, comes 2 large bowls, sorry already prepared err... did you say you wanted small, yes auntie I mentioned 3 times, already made, expensive, so-so taste ... no please don't make the same mistake as me, pitiful old ladies, maybe not :-) Big bowl - eat it at 1pm, by 3.30 I am hungry ...
  3. Economy Rice - not so economical, don't believe, try it ... one of the most expensive ones I have ever eaten
  4. Sweet tooth - go for the desserts there, careful this lady is not so friendly
  5. Look into the drain nearby - totally lose your appetite

Lots of variety here, used to frequent this place regularly, sorry changed my mind.
Absolutely over priced with rude people, feels like a war zone eating here...

Some good write ups of this place if you want to visit ...
Po Pia and Pasembur here quite nice
Only thing good about this place is the Fresh Fruit Stall - reasonable

By the way, if you are a person who loves sarcastic remarks and criticism, this is a blog you could visit, I bumped into it and thought this person is rather interesting ...

Happy Reading :-)

don't be a hawker sucker !

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