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Monday, 5 November 2012

Don't Go - NOT Recommended

NO GO !!!

 This is not a bitch page.
That is why I have not posted any photos on this page.
Your views may differ, but this is a personal 'NO GO' list.
Please do not take anything personally...
Just don't want you to make the same mistakes I have made and if you ever visit these eating outlets you would have been fore warned and will know what to expect :-)
I will constantly update this list.
Do click on it once in a while
Happy Eating ...

 No Go List and Why You Should Not Go  

Yong Tau Foo at Padang - Perak Road

          It is getting more and more expensive, you can NOT question the pricing, most of the time over priced 
          and calculated wrongly, be careful.

Not to mention the lady boss utter unfriendliness.

          Try not drinking any water while having it, after that you will experience one of the thirstiest experience    
          in your life - this is called the power of ajinomoto.  If you are sensitive enough you can even feel some numbness on your tongue, and no, I am not exaggerating.

          I gave it a second chance during lunch today 6th Nov 2012 - sorry the verdict is still NO cause I am 
          suffering from severe thirst NOW !

Number 2 ... Coming Soon ...

1 comment:

Daphne said...

I agree. There are better Yong Tau Foo in Penang too!Try the one in Island Glades, Genting.... not the best but it isn't too bad. Mt preferred Yong Tow Foo Lady now sells Koay Teow Th'ng at the corner coffee shop ( Macalister Road / Perak Road round about)