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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Treasures of Kampung Malabar - Bak Moy

 Foodie's Best In Penang List - BAK MOY @ Kampung Malabar

25-07-2013 - Foodie Update

This Bak Moy is still on Foodie's Best List
An update, they have recently moved a few stalls now to the centre of Kampung Malabar, same road ...
Look for a stretch of 3 shop lots with traditional chinese decor
It's nice and clean now and the Loh Bak man has also joined this place, the one existing still at the old stall, still belongs to him.
Bak Moy increase by 50 cents, reasonable.
Drinks however have gone up rather steeply.
But with the current venue, guess it is worth 30 cents more, since you do not need to sit by the alley and watch cockroaches and rats while waiting for you meal.
They are now open from 9am onwards till dinner.
So you could have this for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Good Luck Mr Bak Moy :-)
All the best to you in your new venture ...

Updated Rating as per 25th July 2013

Food Rating    :    5 stars
Kopi O Rating         :    4.0 stars
  Ambience              :    4.0 stars
Value for Money       :    3.0 stars

Penang's Best Bak Moy (Pork Soup)

The best time to visit this place is NOW.  The Chinese are having the 9th Emperor Celebration (9 wong yeh) and a large number of taoist in Penang are vegetarians for 9 days.
I went to have my porky fix on the 1st day and was pleasantly surprise as I only waited 5 minutes :-)

Food Rating    :    5 stars
Kopi O Rating         :    3.5 stars
  Ambience              :    3.0 stars
Value for Money       :      3.5 stars

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

There are 3 cooks now.  Started off with this man's dad and he took over.  Business became better and now there are 3 stoves, lady (photo below) is his sister.
If you pass by here during lunch time, you can see the boss (above) preparing the soup for the base.
Very pleasant and humble guy, the best part is he remembers your orders even if you have not been there for a while.

Foodie's tip - Always order from the boss, most tasty ...

This is Foodie's choice - Pork and Pig's Heart with thick vermicelli
Regular is RM 5.50 but if you add stuff like mine RM 7.50

You can have a choice of porridge (moey) of congee (chuk) and add stuff like pig's heart, brain, kidneys or even break in an egg.

with my regular drink of RM 1.00

You have a choice of 2 coffee shops nearby that you can patronise, both are quite similar, hygiene is not great, but what to do if you want to have the best in Penang Bak Moy, have to suck it up...

Foodie's Tip - whatever you do NEVER sit in the alley between the 2 coffee shops, I assure you, you will lose your apetite no matter how good the food is.

Just For Laughs
Some humour along Kampung Malabar :-)
"Fired Vegitables" Anyone ?

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