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Friday, 24 January 2014

A Fine Pint @ Healy Mac's

Chinese New Year being just round the corner ... looking for a place to get together and have a chill time, reunion with friends ...
this is a nice place with friendly staff and the best part is the Guiness is nice and fresh :-)
The Perfect Pint
Your may try the pork knuckle, portions are big, make sure you have a crowd so you won't get to satiated.  Saturdays and Sundays they serve Roast with Yorkshire pudding.

Reasonably priced.
Huge portions.
Happy hour drinks.
Band is good.
What a life !!!
Superb way to welcome the Year of The Horse :-)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Best Japanese Edo Ichi

 It is indeed another festive month with lots of holidays this week.
Nice ambience.
Nice food.
Reasonably priced.
No problems with parking.
 Well known for its soft shell crab salad.
This is a must try.

 Agadeshi tofu is superb.
By the way, this is a halal venue :-)

 Sashimi is fresh.
Hand rolls are yummy.
Spoilt for choice with hand rolls.
A big favourite for kids.

 Good place for a nice family outing ...

Oh by the way, please do not forget to leave some space for the yummy black sesame ice cream !

G-05 & G-06, Island Plaza, 
118, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Tel: +604 890 3199

Opening times: 
Mon-Thu, 11am-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm; 
Fri-Sun, 11am-10.30pm

Monday, 6 January 2014

Making A Fuss Over A Cup Of Kopi O

 Dear Fellow Penangites ...

I am not sure if this is just me ...
I love local coffee and I drink at least 2 cups of it a day.
You can label me as petty and stingy and calculative but I have been noticing the price of my favourite Kopi O creeping up a little and a little and a little as each day passes me.

I am just curious to know if others notice the phenomena or is it just me ...

7 years ago, a cup of kopi O in a regular (not popular) coffee shop, kopi O was 60 cents and if you had it with ice it was 80 or 90 cents.

Then the price of sugar increased ... followed by petrol ... followed by sugar again and then petrol price dropped (er nope, when petrol price drop kopi O price did not drop), then another round of sugar increase, then new years ... then this round electricity increase ...

I am not an economist and I don't do maths very well, all I know is my regular kopi O has gone up from 60 cents to 1 dollar in a span of 7 years ... sometimes RM 1.10 in the 'so called' popular coffee shops.  Not that the coffee served is better, but the food served there is popular.

Well not to mention that iced Kopi O with milk was RM 1.20 now there are places selling at RM 1.60.
For some reason, drinks at coffee shops just keep increasing everytime something increases.
If nothing increases ... there is the reason of new year ... chinese new year ... bla bla bla

My question is ... Is this a norm ?
Is this healthy inflation as everything is going up, so will the coffee.

What truly amazes me is there is really no standard price.
You still can get a nice cup of kopi O at 80 cents somewhere in Tanjung Bungah or in good old Georgetown and just round the corner you have owners charging RM 1.20.
My latest iced kopi O at a 'popular' coffee shop is RM 1.40.
Is this the normal price now ?

Ah ... worse still if you don't order drink some shops charge you 50 cents.

So there is no law and order to the charging of my 'staple' kopi O.
Coffee shop owners can just charge as they please ?
Sigh ...

Well, if you are not on the same page with me on this, you may be wondering why is this person making such a fuss over 10 cents or 20 cents ...
What is 20 cents ???

I don't blame you for making that comment.
What worries me is, if little things like that are not governed accordingly, how about big things.
If every consumer feels the pinch and goes back and charge others more on whatever their trade is, is this price increase ever going to stop ?

I think I am having a headache :-p 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Best Stuffed Fish - Nasi Melayu / Malay Rice @ Jalan Macalister

 Macalister Road is a very long road.
So look for Rangoon Road.
 This Nasi Melayu is located at the junction of Macalister Road and Rangoon Road,
at Kedai Kopi Sea Horse
 It serves the BEST stuffed fish.
With loads of onions inside, super tasty.

 You can eat here during breakfast or lunch.
Closed on Fridays.
Super friendly BOSS :-)
Best time to be here is around 12 noon, where all the food is out and still there are good portions available ...
Come at one, most yummy stuff will be gone ...

 Only disadvantage of this place is the coffee shop.
The coffee is not too bad, but since the turn of the new year ...
They have implemented the rule that every customer must order a drink otherwise they will be charged 50 cents.
The coffee woman ie the lady boss, pressures you to order a drink.
Even if you have a large company and others have ordered drinks ... she will INSIST !
It gets really irritating.
By the way, the price of drinks on the above photo is an old price list ...
This coffee shop is now one of the higher charging ones :-(
Best is to ta pao ... :-p
Anyway, let us not forgo such a tasty Nasi Melayu stall just because of the coffee shop ...
The stuffed fish is a MUST have !!!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcoming 2014 with a Local Hero

 Happy New Year guys ...
If you are a local Penangite, you would have eaten from this burger stall ...
It is along Jalan Sungai Kelian @ Tanjung Bungah
The locals call this area Hillside
 From my memory, this van with burgers only in the evenings have been around for ages.
The uncle is nice and friendly and you can have all kinds of combination of the burger or hot dog of your preference.
Add onions, no onions, less oil, with or without cheese etc etc etc

 Business starts from 7pm till late ...
Party goers this is a great option of food wither before or after booze sessions

 Some of the available combis'
However if your combi of choice is not written up there, the uncle is more than happy to accommodate to your request :-)

Happy 2014 ...