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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why is Harvest Inn On The NO GO List ???

 The food is ok with good presentation ...
The price is reasonable ...
The service is fast fast fast ...
What is your problem ?
Why is it on the NO GO List ???

 Here we go ...
Very Bad Ambience
It is always noisy here.  You can't even here yourself what more the person you are dining with.
If you wanna come here for a quick lunch then yes, this is the place, fast in, fast out, best you come alone so you don't need to shout and strain to listen.

 You just feel pressured to LEAVE ...
Well they may not say it right at your face but before you finish your meal, your friend's plate has been cleared, they have already wiped off the crumb your friend left on the table.
Woosh ... woosh ... woosh ...
Long black is OK but the milk is COLD !
Cappuccino SUCK ! BIG TIME !
Don't believe ? Go try it.
 Your car gets BLOCKED !
Well it is not a big thing if the customers double park, right ?
But if you tell the waitress and she tells you ... "er ... just HONK and the owner will come out"
then it is not very nice to make annoying noises when others are having their meal.
Here is the BEST part.
YOU Have To Pay For SUCK Coffee !
This one is the last straw ...
So we sent back the coffee and they come back saying, our cappuccino tastes like that.
How bout you choose another type of coffee.
So we chose another long black.
And waiter said WHAT !!!
Even though you choose long black, we still have to charge you cappuccino price!!!
Ok, it is only RM 1 difference so we decided making a fuss is just a waste of time.
Would have made hell of a difference if the waiter said ...
"So sorry, for the inconvenience, please choose another coffee from our menu, it would be on the house, have a nice day (smile, smile)
Wake up ! I was just dreaming :-p

So in summary, 
Noisy-Rush-Suck Cappuccino-Poor Customer Service
This is why Harvest Inn is on the NO GO list.

Well, all said, the choice is yours.
If you still wanna have a try here is where it is :
Have a Nice Day :-)

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