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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Nam Seng @ Hutton Lane

Updated 29/11/2013

This is an updated APOLOGY to the owner of Foong's Hainan Chicken Rice.  First of all Foodie would like to thank the owner for being so upfront in expressing that I have made a mistake on the review of his stall, so that I could rectify the issue.
Truly appreciate your feedback.

After clarification from the owner (so sorry did not get your name but for writing purposes, I hope it is ok to call you Foong), I would like to inform all Foodie fans that there was a major misunderstanding.
The chicken from this stall is NOT free range chicken and Foong has never marketed or claimed that he sells free range chicken.  Therefore, Foodie would like to apologise for making the earlier comments dated 12/12/2012.
I have also changed the heading and this post has been removed from the NO GO list.

It is indeed an honor to know that many are enjoying this blog and it is getting more than its fair share of clicks :-)
Foodie would like to take the opportunity here again to stress that ...

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.   

These are all personal opinions for easy reading.  
And the blog is written for all Foodie's fans on what is latest available in Penang.
Thank you all for your support :-)

On a lighter note, the latest visit to Nam Seng coffee shop gives a pleasant surprise.
There is now a Char Koay Teow stall and it tastes really good.
So do have a go at it.
The coffee shop is still super clean and the Kopi O is still really good.

Edited on 12/12/2012

Sorry folks, a recent visit to Foong's Hainan Chicken Rice, and also feedback from a Foodie fan, this street food is now downgraded from hero to zero... and it is with great disappointment that Foodie has to boycott this place.


A Foodie fan had lunch 1 large rice with 1 chicken drumstick add on thigh was charged RM 9.60!
Ridiculously overpriced, owner was unable to explain the charges.

It is well noted that the prices are higher as they are using free range chicken which tasted absolutely tasty.  Unfortunately, feedback from fans has found that the supposedly free range chicken may be mixed with normal chicken... a rather dishonest act if this is true.

Anyway, as a result if the new findings this outlet has been stripped from "Penang's Best" to "No Go" List.

Sorry folks ...

Food Rating          :            5 stars
Kopi O Rating      :            4.5 stars
Value for Money     :            4.0 stars
Ambience               :            Nice and Clean

Closed on Fridays

Kedai Kopi Nam Seng
Hutton Lane,100.32846862070356

Brunch only - if you do not want to be disappointed you have to get there early, preferably around 12 noon then you won't end up seeing only 2 plastic chickens instead of the real ones.

I am very tempted to as him why he does not make more ...

This is a young couple team.  Son of the all famous Hainan Chicken Rice at Sri Bahari Road, this outlet is its branch.  The chicken is really good, smooth and tasty.  The rice is so yummy that you can eat it on its own without the chicken.  In fact, I would say it is similar if not better than the parent stall at Sri Bahari Road.

Foodie's Choice - Plenty of chicken and rice, plenty of chilli sauce, finish off with a cup of kopi O 

Spare parts - heart, gizzard and liver

This portion with 5 rice and 1 spare part side dish - feeds 4 all for RM 30.00

The black kopi O is a must try ... for RM1.00 cents it is heavenly !

Good thing about it is you can decide how much sugar you want to stir in

Price list for individual orders
The chicken is sold at a rate a little higher than the normal chicken rice shop, this is because he is using free range high quality chicken, not frozen ones.  You can taste the sweetness of the chicken, try it.

Parking may be a problem.

I am not being long winded, but this is true, if you do not want to be upset, you have to get there early, only early birds get to eat the Hainan bird, even if you arrive there by 1pm you may only be greeted with the plastic yellow birds.

1 comment:

Penang Foodie said...

An anonymous reader has left a comment but for some reason was not published, the comment is as below

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "From Hero to Zero":

Hello foodie fan,I am also a regular customer of this chicken rice. Let me tell u,
1st, a rice with chicken cost 4.60, if u add a thigh is RM5 total 9.60. So what's wrong? Do u know how much a raw chicken thigh cost? is RM3.50! !!
Secondly everyone know this is not free range chicken. Come on... if u r a food connoisseur u will know.
I totally disagree what u say.

Foodie's Reply ...
In Penang, people will not pay RM5 for just the thigh,normal chicken rice with drumstick is RM 3.70 to Rm 4.00 - check out this link

Current Penang price for drumstick or thigh is RM3.00 to RM 3.50, not RM 5.00.

However, all this said, one man's meat is another man's poison ...