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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Where To Get Fresh Pork in Penang ?

This post is dedicated to all the pork lovers out there. If you are thinking of cooking a pork dish and you are wondering where you can get fresh pork, this is the place.
Just stroll along Jalan Kuala Kangsar, there is plenty to see and you may be able to pick up a good deal or two :-)
Family business selling pork for generations, you can pick from whichever part of the pig you want and they can even mince it for you there and then.
Friendly smiles, a bargain or two, you can try to soak into the market ambience.

This shop also sells pork knuckle and roast pork.
I have never tried this one though cause I am only faithful to the best he he ... 

Price list is standard but they will give discounts to regulars and also give you a good cut.
So, what are the days you should not go to the market for fresh pork ... Mondays and Fridays are no no's .... cause it is frozen

Pleasant lady of the stall.
Her name is 'Ah Yuet', very friendly and jokes with you ...
Make friends with her, she will tell you what parts are good to buy for the day ...
Happy Marketing during this Chinese New Year Season :-)
Gong Xi Fa Cai !

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Best Roast Chicken In Town

Ever thought of having roast chicken and not wanting to buy the ones sold in Tesco or Giant cause the chicken is just chicken and has no taste to it.
Well, next time you feel like having roast chicken, consider this stall and Song River.
Popular for its chicken wing and chicken drumstick, Foodie is more into the whole chicken at RM14.00 and if you are super hungry, like super super hungry, you could finish the whole chicken at 1 go.
It is not very big and it's delicious.
100% roasted with charcoal fire and fresh everyday. Look closely, they even have the chicken bishop, if you are into eat.
The chicken is cooked to perfection, not too dry, just nicely moist and succulent.
However, if you want it fully cooked, just tell the friendly man and he will be more than happy to roast it a little longer for you.

If you are not so into roast chicken, there is a good variety of other foods around. For example, there is satay, po pia, bah kut teh whick is a student of the best in town
So, don't be surprised if the soup and the style is the same :-)
Also there is a chinese 'chu char' if you want to have rice and a few dishes ... 

If you ask Foodie, Foodies will just stick to the whole roast chicken and a can of Diet Coke in front of the TV with your legs up after a long days work.

If you happen to have leftovers, the roast chicken breast goes very well when you blend into a salad or pasta or even a chicken sandwich :-)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Breakfast at Fettes Park Market ?

Ever tried breakfast at Fettes Park Market ?
One of the more popular stalls there is the Economy Fried Bee Hoon (picture above) 
A large variety of choices available from cakes and biscuits .
The Chinese New Year cookies are out if you go at this time. 

This is the popular stall with a continuous flow of customers all morning. You can choose to add the little anchovies or the beancurd sticks.
The green chili and chili sauce also should not be missed.

So many options, you may get confused.

Foodie's Choice
Mix Char Bee Hoon and Noodles add Little Anchovies

I found a Mee Jawa stall only opens on Friday, Saturdays and Sunday. RM2.50 only

Foodie's personal opinion.  It is super crowded here and the ambience is like fighting for food.  If you are in for a good crowd this is the place to go.
However, if you want a quiet breakfast morning, you may be disappointed.
Looking for a carpark could be a major hassle, the tip is to park at the back road opposite the block of apartment.

If you are into variety, this is not too bad a place.
Food here is still reasonably cheap :-) 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Is Inflation Hitting Penang Street Food ?

This post is intended to get some feedback from Foodie's fans living in Penang.

Recent visit to a chicken rice stall at Macalister Road :

Sin Nam Huat Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice

took me by surprise.

With the intention of a quick late lunch, I decided to have Chicken Rice - Drum Stick (just the drum side was served not inclusive of the thigh) with a small rice.

Guess how much ?  RM 4.60

Is it expensive or Is this reasonable ?

Down the road just round the corner, there is another stall selling chicken rice - whole drumstick (drum plus thigh) with rice and some spare parts (chicken heart and gizzard) ...

Guess how much ? RM 5.50

Why the difference ?

Any takers for this ?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mee Rebus @ Bangkok Lane

Food Rating           :     4 stars
Value for Money    :     4 stars
Kopi O Rating        :     3.5 stars
Ambience              :     Crowded

This coffee shop is situated at the corner of Bangkok Lane and Burma Road and is crowded all the time especially lunch time.  On weekdays, you can see a Wan Ton Mee stall at the side of the shop along Bangkok Lane.  The coffee shop also has a popular Hokkien Mee stall for breakfast and for lunch many crowd the Mee Goreng and Nasi Kandar stall.  So, indeed this is a crowded place for lunch and if you have not been here, you should make a visit.

Today Foodie is featuring Mee Rebus.  Although this place is popular for its Mee Goreng, I prefer the Mee Rebus instead, let me tell you why ...
A very crowded lunch hour, sometimes it may be difficult to find a place to sit . 
The chef at work, this man speaks perfect Hokkien :-) 

Due to the overwhelming orders, the noodle is fried in a big wok and then divided into respective plates, which Foodie thinks loses the flavour and authenticity of the original Mee Goreng, that again is a very personal thing.  The Mee Goreng is good but the Mee Rebus is better :-)

Foodie's Choice - Mee Rebus large add RM 2.00 of cuttle fish - that makes it RM 6.00 but it gives you total Satisfaction !!!

Best way to savor this RM6.00 mee rebus is to 'bungkus' it home and eat it at the comfort and peace of your own home, not in the crowded coffee shop, with a can of ice cold Budweiser and the Astro on a Saturday afternoon ... this is life :-)