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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Corridor Asam Laksa - No More

 Updated on 22 October 2013
It's nice to see people becoming better and better at what they do :-)
Thus, I  have changed the title "Corridor Asam Laksa" and added No More behind it.
Now it is Phaik Laksa
Cause Aunty Phaik has moved into the shop next to where she was selling ie by the corridor.
And as you have noticed she even has her own newspaper article write up.
Since the write up, business has increased tremendously.
So, now you can seat in comfort instead of by the scorching sun.
 There are a few changes in prices though.
Understandably cause rental is needed.
So everything has increased by 50 cents.
A little something to note ... Aunty Phaik is also Environment Friendly
If you want to buy the jelly ice back, bring your own container, she will charge you 30 cents less.
ok usual price of RM 3.00 but if you use her plastic container it's RM 3.30
You also have option to add fish.
And if you want more soup, you will need to pay.

 Now, the stall has got a front - it's called Phaik Laksa
Food Quality           :    4 stars

Value for Money     :    3.5 stars

Kopi O Rating         :    No Kopi O here

Ambience                :    Something different

Closed on Mondays

Lunch & Tea Only     12 noon to 5 pm
 I bet you have never heard of this one.
Located at the junction of Jalan Krian and Jalan Seang Tek it is literally set up at the corridor.
Landmarks around it will be the Anson Road market or the 8th Row shops right at the end.
Solo stall here makes it unique.
However, on a hot sunny day, if you can't bear the weather, forget about having a bowl of hot asam laksa, you will be soaked in your own sweat.

Laksa here is nice, you can opt for small RM 3.00 or large RM 3.50.
This one is unique cause you have an option of side dish - yam rice and also opt to add a prawn cracker.
First time trying laksa with yam rice, surprisingly, taste quite good.

You can tell that the soup is good, all gone!
No Kopi O here
But they serve a really nice a refreshing dessert here, very relevant for a stall by the road with such hot weather.
For RM 2.50 you have nata, longan, lychee, jelly and  a quarter of a lemon .
The lemon really pulls the whole thing together.
Very nice, you must try this one ...

This is literally corridor laksa.
I don't mind sitting anywhere for good food though ...

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