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Friday, 28 June 2013

Foodie Visits Alor Setar - Superb Curry Fish Head

 If this place was in Penang, it would be on the 'Best In Penang' List for Curry Fish Head.
That's why it will be sin not to highlight it even though the title of this blog is Penang Street Food :-)
So if you are passing by Alor Setar for whatever reason, do visit this place for lunch.
Open daily from 10am to 3pm.
Here is the nearest I could find for directions.
Sorry guys, can't find the GPS co-ordinates
 From the outside it looks like a big bungalow but once you get in, the ambience is nice with high ceiling, it is cool on a hot day even without air conditioning.

 Food selection is great
 Service is prompt and efficient
 Look at the variety that Foodie has ordered
 Highly recommended - Foodie's Choice
Curry Fish Head with lots of Gravy
Lamb Curry
Roasted Brinjal
Curry Petai 
 This is the crunchy salted fish, freshly made and not too salty, yummy.
 Tau kua nicely done
 The highly recommended fish head, comes in halves, we had 3 among the 5 of us who went.
That's not the end, we ordered 8 more to buy home for our loved ones back in Penang.
All the food on the table plus a total of 11 half fish heads costs about RM 330.
When it comes to Best On The List food - Foodie has an exception on the stringent price in terms of value for money - double standard why ...
Simply because rarely does - good food come cheap :-p

 more coming ...

 Very creative and unique sinks
 Here is the exact address and contact number.

 On the way back Foodie saw this Bah Kut Teh place.
Suppose to be a popular spot as well.
This will be the next venue for Foodie's next visit to Alor Setar ...
Have a great weekend folks and ...
Happy Eating :-)

Monday, 24 June 2013

English Muffin in Penang

 For local fellas who regularly go to places like Continental bakery, Adventist hospital bakery or Rainforest bakery at Chulia Street, here is another venue for you ...
Tucked in Jalan Sungai Kelian just 2 shops away from Ingolf, for those living in Tanjung Bungah area, this bakery is quite nice and they say that no preservatives added.
 You may even stop for a quick coffee or breakfast

 Also have cakes if you need a pit stop for special functions and need to get a last minute cake ...
You can add this place instead of the nearby maxim or always going to Ritz, something different for a change :-)

 Today, Foodie would like to highlight this RM 4.50 English Muffin
Not available in all bakeries, this is a MUST TRY!
They only make 20 packets of this daily.
Don't go too early, not baked yet.
Mostly, Foodie will go in the evening, only 2 or 3 left by then.
Try it with peanut butter or jam ...
Foodie prefers it stuffed with own home made roast chicken and honey mustard filling :-)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Best Pan Mee also on the 'Cheap & Good' List

 Located in the heart of town, this is a highly recommended venue for Pan Mee lovers.
It is called I Mum Mum

Here is the location details

There you go for those who wanted GPS coordinates :-)
GPS Coordinates : 5.406715, 100.332001

and here are few other blogs written about this place, in case you don't trust Foodie ...

 They serve several types of Pan Mee here.
To make it simple we can divide it to soup or dry and then the texture of the noodle 'thick' (wide) or fine.

Foodie's Choice
Wide Pan Mee Soup

Foodie suggest wide cause the wide type gives it more texture so when you bite on it you can feel the chewy feeling that makes pan mee yummy.
Soup because the soup noodle served here is piping hot up till the end.
The dry style is a little too salty.

 Don't forget to try all 3 types of the sauce served with all the different choices of Pan Mee.
However, you can mix and match them your way.
The owners do not really mind if you ask for several types of sauces.

 Up close you can see the 'ikan bilis' which, if you like it very much you can order an additional plate.

 What is not so attractive about this place ???
The Service is very SLOW ...
So to get away from this problem, best you be there early when the crowd has not woken up yet.

The place is rather FILTHY
You can see rats running around, but if you are local and don't mind, then it is OK
This is just a warning for the Singaporeans who come across this blog.

The ambience is NOT great
Just look at the photo below
You actually have someone's underwear hanging in your face while enjoying your bowl of noodles.
I guess there is always a 1st for everything ...

Coffee is passable ... give it a 3 star

While you are there, don't forget to visit the fish ball stall next door and buy some to take home

Well, here is the link for its other branch

Whatever said, minus all the imperfection, this place still earns its name as the Best Pan Mee in Penang and also it is one of the 'Cheap & Good' venue.
A Must Try Folks !!!