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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ipoh Street Food - 1 Day Escapade

An impromptu visit, Foodie decided to google a few blogs on Ipoh and decided to go on a day trip to Ipoh.
It is really nice to read on other blogs and the authors' opinions and recommendations.
So here are the few places that Foodie visited.
With so many food blogs and gps in hand, we were armed for a good outing :-)
1st stop :
The all famous Yong Tau Fu
We arrived early so the place was not swarmed by customers yet.
The choices were really good, plenty of variety and also very reasonably priced.
It was very yummy but rather oily ...

Kopi O is more expensive in Ipoh than Penang.
This one was Foodie's favourite - with glutinous rice stuffed inside.
A Teow Chew delicacy, not commonly served at regular Yong Tau Fu stall.
Hmmm ... Yum !

You can also order the side dish of dry Lou Shu Fan with some minced pork.

Then we headed to the well known Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah.
Used to be a little stall on the pavement, now it is located in a shop of its own.
You can still order from your car and they will bring it to you.

This place is well featured by almost everybody.
Indeed you can taste the smoothness of the soya.
Really nice, probably with the Ipoh 'water'
However, Foodie found it a little pricey.
Although only sold at RM 1.00, the portion is so small you could finish it in 3 mouthfuls.
Very tasty, yes but something to eat for taste, not to fill up the stomach.

Then we headed for Nam Chau coffee shop for the original taste of White Coffee.

Guess it was already late morning so it was not very crowded.
The stall was operated by several foreign workers, though the local boss was supervising.
Signs which are similar to foodstalls in Kuala Lumpur.
Not a good sign, quality control and personal touch ... no more ...

Tried the white coffee.
As mentioned before, across the board, it seems like cost of living in Penang is lower than Ipoh.
Food and coffee generally more expensive
maybe Foodie is at all the wrong places :-p
White coffee is a little too milky, coffee taste is not strong enough.
But again, this is coming from a Kopi O person who does not fancy milk so you better take this comment with a pinch of salt.

Well, after visiting and eating, eating, eating ...
this salted chicken place is a MUST STOP
after trying out so many different shop, Foodie feels this one is the best
so remember to come here before you drive home
the best present you can bring back for your love one
err ... yeah Foodie bought 10 to take back to Penang

If you are wondering why there are no addresses on this blog ...
no opening hours and closing days ...
this has been done deliberately.
During these school holidays, if you are bored and wish to have a 'makan' trip
loads of blogs and posts on Ipoh food
just do some clicking the night before
with some trial and error, you will get there
if you have kids, do stop by at Taiping Zoo
Happy Holidays

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